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We are excited to share the news of our first release since we launched on January 26th. This release includes many tracking and product improvements and new features. Here’s what’s new:

#1 UTM & advertising click ID tracking improvements

We've refined how UTMs and advertising click IDs are tracked. The URL parameters below are now captured and tagged as event properties whenever they are in a URL.


#2 Syncing orders without a customer record

Previously, we only synced orders that belonged to a customer in Shopify. Since our launch, we noticed that orders received from some apps are created in Shopify without a customer record. To be able to sync these orders with Mixpanel, for when the customer account doesn't exist, we record these orders with the identifier __anonymous_user.

This groups all anonymous orders under a single user profile. Expect historical syncing of such orders to your Mixpanel account shortly.

#3 App Improvements

We have a brand new app interface with a bunch of new features:

  1. Integration Status: Shows the status of client-side, server-side and Lexicon integrations

  2. Notifications: We added new functionality to subscribe notifications. We noticed that many customers don't use the email they use for Shopify. We encourage you to add the email addresses to which you want to be notified.

  3. Customer Support: We added support documents and live chat to the app to help you find answers to your questions.

  4. Mixpanel Settings: We improved our integration settings validation to prevent users from entering incorrect details and updated error alerts to make the issues easier to understand.

#4 Other tracking improvements

  • Bug Fix: A bug affecting the variant_price variable to show as null has been squashed.

  • New event_type Property: Every event now carries an event_type property to distinguish between standard Vendo events and custom events.

  • Event Naming Consistency: Event names across client-side and server-side tracking have been harmonized, improving data reliability.

    • Shipping and billing address properties now feature standardized casing.

    • The product_id field is consistently named across all events.

    • A unified order_id is now used across both client and server events, with server-side events also including the global shopify_order_id.

  • Cart Event Enhancements: The 'Product added to cart' event now includes quantity and amount properties to reflect bulk additions accurately.

  • Removed Property: The variant_image property has been removed from event payloads for streamlined data.

#5 Lexicon Improvements

We updated descriptions and examples to make the Lexicon more user-friendly.

That's all for now. We are working on setting up some new events to provide you with more insights soon!

Let us know if you have any questions, feedback, or feature requests.

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